Nidhi Kamath

Nidhi Kamath is a lifelong learner and avid dreamer. When she is behind the lens, she sees the world through a paradisiacal kaleidoscope which she tries to recreate in her shots. She believes that each frame should be no less than a visual treat that transcends the audience into a state of Zen , something that she herself experiences when she is shooting .
At Storyloom Films, she is the primary decision maker and the PR expert. She currently reveres the cinematography genius, Bradford Young, whose work in the film, ‘Arrival’, left her spellbound and inspires her greatly.
She aspires to achieve the Holy Grail of the filmmaking world, an Oscar someday in the future.  She also fantasises about travelling the world and writing her very own book while she is at it. When she is not happily pampering her pet Guinea pig with vegetable treats, she is watching informative Ted Talks or dancing the Zumba!


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