Keya Vaswani

She graduated as Craft Product Designer from Indian Institute of Crafts and Design (IICD) and ended up being a documentary filmmaker. Her journey from being a product designer to a documentary filmmaker has been absolutely amazing. It helped her to explore herself and taught her that life is all about positivity, possibilities and acceptance.
Another chance it gave her is, to travel.  She says “When I encounter a space which make me cry because it is so beautiful and magnificent, it breaks my ego (because I am being so tiny in front of it) and helps me realise that the world is so big and vast. I feel so blessed that I got the opportunity to experience something so beautiful that I can never forget”.
As Co Founder her knowledge and skill lies in cinematography, editing, graphic designing and sustaining the projects. Other than being a brilliant filmmaker, she is a lovely homemaker, Hindi lover, animal lover & helper, guitar player, illustrator and acoustic music fan. This list will go on as the life goes on because there still a lot to see.


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